Textures appear differently in the 3d view than the renderer

By differently I don’t mean the mapping is wrong, I mean it’s a completely different texture.

I have a mesh (imported from an obj file) Different faces on the mesh have different materials, I changed the material on a couple of faces to a different one. When you render (or use the render preview) you see the correct material but in the 3d view you still see the old material. This problem also persists after saving, closing and re-opening blender, so I figure there is just something that I’ve missed.

Is there somewhere else that textures can be applied apart from through a material?

Looks like you are on Multitexture material mode, where textures are asigned through the image editor (I don’t know other way)
You can try to:

  • Select the faces and change the texture manually in the image editor.
  • Switch to GLSL material mode (in 2.5: NKEY>Display>Shading) so you can see the actual materials asigned to the mesh.

Ah, setting the texture in the image editor has done it. Thanks.