Textures are pure white

I’ve imported an obj file and the textures look okay in solid and shaded views but appear all white in textured view. Doesn’t matter if there are lights in the scene or not for these imported objects.

Appreciate any help here…know it should be an easy fix but pulling my hair out after over an hour trying to figure it out.



texturehelp.blend (237 KB)

okay, getting it figured out on my own: have to delete uv textures for all objects one by one and the white goes away…

now just having trouble with the objects that do have images applied: they are all full bright with no shadows.

okay, and now that is solved too. rendering camera view is not the same as rendering a viewport. Shading only seems to show in the camera view.

Go to the editing panel and press the little x next to UVTex to delete the UVTex.

yes, that’s what i did and it worked. is there a way to do this for a group of imported objects so i don’t have to delete for dozens of objects?