textures chage when camera is near and when is away

Hi guys,

i’ve created a character for my game. But there’s a problem: when the camera is near, everthing is fine, but when is away, the textures become strange, with some white lines. See the image bellow:

does anybody knows how i fix that?

thanks :smiley:

Is the white line on a seam of your UV map. If so try painting along those edges with a larger margin of overpaint

Looks like anti-aliasing artifacts on seams. How much bleed/overlap are you giving your texture maps? Make sure your UV islands have enough space around them to overpaint the edges. (In my experience 3 to 5 pixels is usally good.)

Also I remember seeing something in another thread where camera clipping settings can also cause something similar. Something else to look into if the textures appear to be good in regards to what I said.

I thought that was it, but the bleed I used was 8 :frowning:

okay guys, thanks, i’ve solved the problem :smiley: