textures disappear

Hallo im new to blender and am folling a few tutorals but have noticed that after ive painstakingly added textures that the next time i open blender two days later all my textures have gone.

Im using the textures that come with the tutoral.

does any body have idea wat im doing wrong?


textures as image-files like .jpg or .png or .tga (and so on)
dont disappear as long as you dont delete the files, rename them or move them out of their “place”.
But if the tutorial did create new image-files inside of blender, then those image data will always disapear as long it is not saved or packed inside the blender-data-file.
Check the tutorials again, you may have missed this point.
Another point – would be very noobish - if you open a blend-file or start a new one and create a new material with a texture as reference and … after you did the render of the result … - you did not save those changes, then
if you open the old blend-file (with the not saved changes) the setting to those image-files is “lost” (cause it was never saved).
You may see, the result you notice may have different reasons.

no, it’s not about the actual files. When you go into the materials panel and change the new material to volume, you have the option to change the density from 1 to 0. When I change it to 0, it does not change at all. And when I try to render using the material as volume, it locks blender.

whoa! sorry, wrong thread! lol