Textures Disappear

Hey fellow users of Blender. I require some assistance please.

It’s kinda difficult to know what the issue is but I’m currently in the middle of working on a game project which is close to being ready for demo release until I ran into a lighting/texture issue. When I add in a spot lamp, my textures for one of the materials ended up disappearing from game. The files are still connected and the textures haven’t been tweaked since I made them. Hope these images will help

In this image I have the wall selected (Left) and you can see what its materials are on the right. But they are not showing, ever since I added in a new Spot lamp, they just disappeared.

This is the same image and same spot but with one of the textures turned off, the textures are back on. It isn’t that specific texture messed up because I tested all the texture maps and they all work when one of them is turned off.

Does someone know how to correct this? I know it’s not my computer because it’s one of the most up to date desktops you can buy.