Textures disappearing after model is saved

I’m kind of confused at this point. I save the model and the textures still appear when I reopen on some, but not all of the files are gone. I assumed it was because I need to hit package but then some models still have them. My process right now is exporting from google sketchup, importing to blender and then saving after adjustments. It might be that it saves a link to the original file location in my temporary export folder, but then why wouldn’t it keep the texture link around and just say it’s broken?

It’s not very nice to call people such names, especially on a forum that also has young viewers. But, I guess if you are smart enough to call someone a dumb F***, you are probably smart enough to figure the problem out by yourself and then correct it.

Fine, but could I get some advice rather than dismissal for calling someone out on poor design decisions. I edited my post for offensive content.

Can anyone explain to me how this happened?

I tried experimenting with this a little last night to see what I could come up with. I applied a texture image to an object, then saved, deleted the image that the texture was referencing, and then reloaded. When I did that the texture still tried to link to the image (I could see the file path in the texture’s information window) but obviously the image couldn’t be used because it had been deleted. So from this I would tend to believe that blender does keep the texture link around even if the link is broken.

So, after experiementing with that, the only thing I can suggest (and I’m far from an expert so there could be other possibilities that I don’t know about) is … If you unassigned a material from an object when you were doing your adjustments, and then saved the file with that material not assigned to any objects … When you reload the .blend file, any materials that weren’t assigned to any objects when the file was saved get deleted. Could this possibly be the case of what’s happening to you?