Textures dissapear upon appending to .blend, why?

I have a scene with some textured planes, when I try to append that scene to a different .blend file the textures just dissapear.

Sometimes the textures dissapear even when I save them in the .blend file that they were initially placed in.

What gives, is this a bug, is there a way around it?

Maybe it has something to do with not appending the textures as well.

Have you tried packing the textures in the origonal scene? Cause if you dont pack it then its drawing the textures from the file you saved them on in your computer, and that could be why its not working. Just click the little present like button in the uv maping screen. and if u want to fully pack it click File>Pack that will save all the packed items to the .blend. (this is all assuming you uv mapped on the textures) If that doesn’t work then i cant help you.


The objects in the scene (planes) are already textured. What exactly do you mean by “appending the textures”.


I kinda need the UV textures to stay unpacked, because I might want to make changes later on. But, yes packing the scene will of course work.

What Im really looking for here is a way to set the blender search path to include the directory where the textures are stored, so that no matter the directory the textures can be linked to whichever file. (of course I assume that blender uses somesort of a directory path search, to link the texture files to the .blend).

Is there a way to do this?

Are your blend files in the same directory? because I append them and they come with the object. I’m on linux, though.