Textures don't show up in neither blender render nor cycles?

Hello, I am trying to render this f16 model I found on the internet and when I imported the obj, trying to render it does not show the textures. Please help. Thanks


f16 with textures.blend (3.19 MB)

No textures included with your .blend file (File / External Data / Pack all into .blend)


The material specularity intensity is also set at 1.000, change back to a reasonable value

Blender Render and Cycles use different material systems so you cannot just change from one to the other without remaking the materials, I assume you didn’t do this hence you won’t see anything just by changing to Cycles

Hello, now i’ve packed the textures


f16 with textures.blend (3.19 MB)

Looks to me like it’s rendering fine. You might try moving the light over to the camera side of the object instead of behind it. You could also add some ambient occlusion in the world settings (.1 or .2 should be sufficient). Here’s what I got with just those two:

It’s been a while since I messed with BI materials, but I think Richard’s suggestion is spot on. You need to turn down the spec some.

Also, for the cockpit, if you want to see inside, you’ll need to turn on transparency for the Glass. It’s been quite a while since I messed with BI materials, so I’m not sure what to recommend for settings, but I do know that you need transparency turned on and the alpha brought way down. Research what some good glass settings should be, though. Here’s my rudimentary example.

If this doesn’t cover what you’re experiencing, let us know which specific texture isn’t working for you.


I got it to work, thanks!!!