*Textures fixed * Third person template 2.0 - Advanced



The advanced version 2.0 of the 3rd person template is now available.
An improved basic version (beginners) is also available at the same address.

++ You will find all the informations on the official page : www.bge.aandria.com ++
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If you don’t find all the informations you need on the official page, please ask in the current thread.
This applies to support requests also.


Somewhere between 2009 and 2010

The project was discontinued.


The Game Company Twilight 22 Project To Develop BGE Into A Full Production Game Engine chose the 3rd person template to build out their game further.


All the basic features are listed in the previous thread.
This release makes the level creation easier.

Ready to use

  • Money/health/power count flexible script
  • Basic Teleporters
  • Basic Jumpers
  • Killing zones and platforms
  • Special item when a goal (count) is reached (”big_prize”)
  • Itemps, pickups and level elements are well-organized.

Enemy AI

  • Speed control
  • Scripted AI
  • No logic brick


Specific to the advanced version of the template
The advanced verison of the template is organized like Yo Frankie .
Librairies, Groups, Linking, Folders organization.






More screenshots

Level submission

You can submit your own levels for this 3rd person template and be listed on the official page.
More informations in the level submission section.

Here it is.
I have spent some time on this project, I hope you will enjoy this new version.


Thank You! I can’t wait to see how this develops. In the meantime i’m going to start using this for my project.

I love it! Are you totally finished with it?

Great update. The new hang and swim state are brilliant. I really like the new organization (the Yo! Frankie setup). I also finally managed to get to grips with groups thanks to your tips and will be using them from now on.

Over all you have made leaps and bounds over the previous edition (which was great to begin with). I think this template is one of the most valuable learning resources available to the Blender Game Engine community.

Cool, I’ll be using this as soon as I get a better computer! (My computer is really bad, blender crashes when I start playing it, I have to play it in wire frame.) Anyways, it’s really good!

Hi cray, congrats it works really well, but I think you forgot to pack several textures :
Almost all is white.

Hi all,

(how can you come up with such difficult names to write on a forum :slight_smile: )

Good luck with your game, glad you can start quickly with the template.

No, I am not :wink: I am sorting the priorities in the development, actually.
Features needed for the Twilight 22 project will come first, I think you will like it.

Thank you, I am satisfied that you could actually have a good understanding of groups/linking with it.
All the resources were already available thanks to the Apricot Project though. Those guys made an incredible work.

I think this template is one of the most valuable learning resources available to the Blender Game Engine community.

That would be good if it was true :wink:
I will try to search different ways to make the template easily accessible for download, to beginners.

My computer is a bit old but I can use the template with no problem. Wich generation of cpu are you using? I saw you were still working on the script, that will be helpful for a lot of people. Also, you have some experienced members helping you, this is great.

Thanks for your comment.
This is interesting, the issue was not reported yet.
On the advanced version of the template, I thought that I didn’t need to pack the textures because they are all contained in the folders provided?
What is the point of providing external resources if I need to pack?

Do you think it is related to GLSL? I am using an ATI card so maybe I couldn’t isolate those problems yet (because I always graphical glitches)?

What about the others members?

Sorry I don’t know which generation of cpu I’m using, I’m only 13 years old, so don’t really care(lol), my dad says I need a new graphics card, but all the good ones are for PCI express, and I only have PCI, so the good graphic cards physically can’t fit. Anyways, yes, I’m working on the script, but it’s not going to be finished today, maybe tomorrow since I won’t be here for most of the day. It’s also going to take me pretty long to get the right texture for the menu. So hopefully by tomorrow I will have to script ready or maybe by today late at night.

Very good template, very usefull too. Although, I have some suggestions for the next template:

  • Add the possibility to swing at ropes
  • Add a talk system like in the legend of zelda
  • The possibility to climb ladders and ropes
  • Add some simple toon enemies with basic a.i

Keep up the good, great, fantastic work! :yes:

What is the point of providing external resources if I need to pack?

My guess is that blend files can’t refresh properly the place where it hold the files, so if the images are on:
c:\my docs extures&blends
Copying the folder to f: extures&blends will most probably break the links?

I agree with Doggie, Zelda is one of the best RPG/Adventure games in the world. and a talk system shouldn’t be very hard ether, in fact, it’s very easy to do with python! I’ll do that for your next release and the save/load script! Great idea Doggie :slight_smile:

I didn’t know you were that young, you are already doing good work :wink:

Some of those features are already available in the game I am working on. I might add it to the template.

Add some simple toon enemies with basic a.i

I think that the enemies (red cube) have the behavior you are looking for?
You can find it in enemies.blend.
I didn’t take time to model/textures/animate it.

Wow, I have tried on another pc and the template looks ugly.
More than 100 people downloaded it, with that issue. :confused:
I am using relative paths so I thought it would prevent this problem.
I thought that packing the textures would bring it ‘inside’ the .blend and make it unecessary heavier.
I don’t want to pack if there is another solution to achieve the same effect.

How should I do? (I would check YoFrankie files if I had time, but I can’t dld on this pc).

The fixed version is now online. Please download it again if you’ve had textures issues.

Another question :
On the left, a screenshot of the computer I’ve worked with (Ati Card), and on the right my laptop (Nvidia).
What does the character look like, on your computer?
(cross my fingers, hope that you can see the left one).
I really don’t know why this happened.

I think it’s because nvidia triangulates differently from ati- try changing all quads to tris and viewing it on both comps again. If that’s not the issue, I don’t know what is…

I see the left one and I have a labtop (nvidia) :slight_smile:
Look at screen resolution in your nvidia panel settings

thank you for your comments.
I have triangulated some squares on the face and the character is now well displayed on my nvidia.

The template should look far better now.
Hope you will enjoy.

Hey Cray, you know how in your game the arrows that point around your character, they are all parented to an empty, which is parented to your character. how did you make the empty not rotate with your main character but move location?

Nvm, PhilB helpped me out :slight_smile:

How in the world did I miss this?
I was waiting for it, but didn’t see it when you finally released it.
It’s awesome!:wink:

@Linkxgl: Vertex parenting?

@cray: I downloaded your first FPS template, and it’s great. I’ll have to get this one and see how you’re doing stuff. I’ve got YoFrankie! DVD, but it’s quite complex. Thanks for producing these templates. Should make looking through them to find out what’s happening far easier than going through a full game. :slight_smile:

I was going through your site (which was suprisingly quite enjoyable). I found some spelling errors, but I thought this one in particular was very important and should be corrected.

This 3rd Person Template may be freely modificated or elaborated.

modificated should be changed to modified. (I say that with the understanding and respect that english is nowhere near your first language).

I checked out this template and was incredibly impressed. I was suprised when I saw the cliff hanging states and swimming states in action. How did those features sneak their way into your template? What of vine-climbing and ladder-climbing?

I believe I might be contributing a level or two to your template myself and eventually using it in the future. I would certainly rank this up there with Social’s FPS template as top most useful (or simply coolest) blender resources.