Textures for vfx painting?

Hi Blender users,
I am trying to paint out some poles from a video that I downloaded from hollywoodcamerawork.com. I have tracked the scene and painted out the poles in gimp in one frame and then projected it onto the ground. Now when the camera moves out of the way, that spot that the plane needs to be covered doesn’t have a texture.

What should I do about that?
I have tried painting them away in another frame and projecting that again but that did not really align very well and it looked bad.blenderartists.blend (1.0 MB)


Can’t take a look at your file now, but if you have alignment problems, I’d say either your track is wonky or your projection geometry does not match the surface it approximates close enough. If object you are trying to cover starts peeking out from under your patch, you must make your patch larger to cover whole range of motion. In case you don’t have chance to hide/reshape your patch (fast motion,occluding fg objects etc are good for this), usually it is better to use patch that covers the whole area than animate patch size, moving patch edge usually becomes visible.