Textures from materials not appearing

Not sure what I’ve been doing wrong, but I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials and reading ebooks, etc which seem to do this same exact way, on trouble. I’m trying to make a simple cube have both diffuse colors and a texture.

I make a cube, make a material, click texture tab and make a texture (from image), back on material tab click assign, then I make sure I show textures (by clicking the little thing which gives you a choice between wireframe, shaded, and textured). It looks ok in the “Both” showing.

No matter what I do, the only way I can get textures is by going straight to Unwrapping, but then it seems to ignore the material.

What gives? Thanks! Any sample cube diffused/textured files maybe I can discover my issue.

are you saying it looks ok in edit mode but not rendering the texture maps?