Textures gone after switch from Blender to Cycles


i found a problem with “TIFF” textures.
i get following message, if open a blend file with embedded tiff textures…

found bundled python: C:\Users\MAIN\Desktop\blender-2.61-release-windows64\2.61\python
read blend: F:\_DOWNLOADS\cheerilee__s_gmod_ponies_for_blender_ver__1_1_1_by_pizzalover53-d4fcq7u\cheerilee's_ponies_blender.blend
TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, (Blender TIFF Interface Layer): wrong data type 7 for "RichTIFFIPTC"; tag ignored.

i got that file from: http://www.blendswap.com/3D-models/animals/cheerilees-gmod-ponies-blender-port/

if i open that file and press “N” in the 3D view and enable “Display -> Shading: Multitextured -> Textured Solid” (“SpaceView3D.show_textured_solid=True”)
i get a bunch of that warnings…
ok, that is maybe only a cosmetic issue…

other issue:
but the bigger issue is, if i switch from “Blender Render” to “Cycles Render” all textures will not shown in the Cycles 3DView rendering & final rendering.

i was also changing/re-assigning the textures to the objects:
“Object Material -> Surface: Diffuse BSDF, Color: Image Texture, Imagename:’<its embedded texture>’, ‘Vector:Texture Coordinates:UV’”
but then the object is shown absolute black in the 3DView and final rendering.

the strange thing is, if i change the texture of an object to a ‘.jpg’ file, it will first change nothing in the rendered 3dView. if i now change from “Rendered” to “Solid”, i can see the texture in the object in the 3DView… after that i can change back to “Rendered” in the 3DView and i can see the texture rendered by cycles.
but switching fore and back between “Solid” and “Rendered” will fix the texture visibility (in 3DView & final rendering) only, if the texture is not the TIFF texture embedded in the blend file…

or is it me, who is handling blender in a wrong way?

blender amt are not use by cycles
you need to redefine your mat and text in cycles for it to work!

also be carefull cycles in still in Beta phase and taking an older file up to last SVN might not work because of changes in cycles!

so better do it in latest SVN

happy cycles