Textures gone....


I’ve had this bug before. I used uv textures on some objects and 1 saved the file. Then when I opened the file all textures had turned purple. they are still on the same location in the same map. reloading doesn’t work… Only if I rename the textures and load them again they turn normal again.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thx already =]

of course it is, or at least a way to prevent it.
you see, there’s a thing called “packing a file”
this makes sure that all the images, sounds and scripts that you’ve used wont end up this way that your apparently did.
go to File-external data-pack into .Blend and its done.

yea, oke thx. But I suppose I can’t repair what I’ve done so far?

Bump, i have exactly the same problem…
My files moved to a different harddisk, now all my objects are purple, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Kon has already answered this question so plz don’t bump this thread and stop people who need help from there thread apperaing!
Please and thankyou!

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The way i see it, this question wasn’t answered at all…so this was a sincere question, not a simple bump! Someone could also have pointed me to “file -> external data -> find missing files”, but i suppose that just is not the way this forum works.

Cheers. TheBat

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its funny, couse all newbies all get this problem^^
(i really mean all of em)