Textures in 3D edit window


I’m a semi new user to blender, and I’ve been snooping around a few forums to see if there is any way to get the textures to appear in the 3D edit window.

I read someone that they will only appear if you put them on with the UV editor, is this true?
Or this there a way to get them to appear when using the material and texture buttons?

This wouldn’t be to much of a problem but I was trying to make a scene of flat 2D planes, a bit like a scene of cardboard cut outs, I can get the textures to be seen in the render fine, but not being able to see them on the 3D planes in the editing window makes it a bit frustrating to set the scene up.



the UV mapped method is the best.

ALT+Z (Potato mode) with the mouse over the 3d window will show UV mapped textures.


This has got to be asked at least five times as much as anything else.