Textures in 3d window?

Is there a way to see (procedural) textures in the 3d window? It’s a real pain having to render every time I change them a little

nope, not until someone writes one

it seems to be one of the plans for blender 3.0… but nobody has started yet

oh, and you can change the render output to “disp view” to have it show up in the 3d view’s camera… but it’s probably not what you want

What a pain…
Robin said there was one :frowning:

There is a way to see textures in the 3d view. I 've done it, but it seems to be very “ify” . If you uv map your object and hold your tounge the right way and pray to the blender gods, sometimes, if the planets are aligned perfectly, your textures will show up in the 3d view. I think that the main thing really is that you have to make sure that your mesh is uv mapped. The last time I was able to do it I used jpegs as textures.

Don’t think I said anything about procedural.
I’ve looked at the pics that I thought of when I said it was possible and realised that they were UV-mapped.