Textures in a Game

I am making a game and I can’t get any texture on my object except an image. I wanted noise but it doesn’t show up. Help Please!:spin:

Blender’s procedural textures do not work in the game engine, unfortunately. If you don’t know what procedural textures are, here a wiki link:

Ok Thanks polygobblerr. Is there a reason procedural textures and reflectivity dont work in the game engine.

I know that reflectivity is not handled the same way in the render and in the game engine. There are a lot of variables and setups that need to be tweaked in order to get a high performance reflective texture in the Game Engine.

Also, can’t you bake a texture from a object that has procedural textures into a uv map?

Then the uv mapped image will be identical to the generated image?

(in render bake is at the bottom)

I stand corrected!
@drums 99,
If you really want to use procedural textures, use the method demonstrated in the video. However(and this is just a suggestion), you should learn to create your own textures eventually. You will get far better results than using procedural(99% of the time). Procedural textures are computer-generated algorithms. If you have a program like gimp or Photoshop, you can create the same textures in one of those programs, if you really like the look of procedural…

Oh, and to answer your question:
The reason is just because the BGE doesn’t allow for “true 3d” texture. It’s not built into the code, and probably never will be.
I remember first starting off with blender and using procedural textures. Once I started creating my own textures, I never looked back :spin: