textures in BGE

Hi guys!
I put some textures on a cube but when I apply a movement sensor to the camera and press P all I can see is a grey cube.Is there a way to see the textures?

Thanks a lot!

What sort of textures? Image textures are the only ones that work. I reccomend you learn how to create UV maps.

yes,I used a image ,with uv.but still,when i play it in blenderplayer i can’t see the textures…

Attach or post a link to a blend file that demonstrates the problem. Remember to also supply all necessary textures

First of all, you’ll need a light source (lamp) in order to see materials (otherwise, you get grey silhouettes and background color) - do you have one? Also, the viewport shading should be set to ‘Texture’ (hit Alt+Z if you can’t find it).
And of course, the texture has to be an image texture.
Assuming you’ve already done this and the problem lies elsewhere, you’ll have to provide more info on what’s going on (although I doubt it’s a complicated issue).