Textures in Burster

I’ve been working on a simple space docking game with a few planets and a couple of spaceships. I just tapped into burster for the first time, and love it. My game, as it currently is, is working fine, but I can’t get my textures to appear.

I know this is a retarded question, but I need a step by step explanation for this. I have searched around for a couple of days for information, and found little community support for burster as yet.

Obviously, the texture files have to be available, as they are when running in the game in blender without going thru burster. But when I run burster, I just get a total whiteout on my sky dome and on the one planet that exists. I tried turning off the lighting in the Game Render GSLS, but it didn’t help and just made the default textures on my meshes look flat and crappy.

What’s up with that. Does anyone have a link to some idiot level tutorials for BURSTER?