textures in realtime

ok I know this is my third question in a row, but i just need answers!!

when i hit P in publisher to preview my game, all the textures just mess up! - i have the display drawing the models and whatnot textured and lit, but hit P, and the lot just goes - i get a crappy looking, unlit, untextured white blob (which i can move around freely as if the game was playing)
when this is saved as a runtime, same problem! Publisher just chucks the lights and texture out of the window. Ive tried using radiosity to solve this temporarily, but it is really slow. Can anyone tell me what i gotta do? do i have to mess about with UV textures and stuff? my models are simply built with different colours of basic material at present. Help!

And my second answer… curious han :slight_smile:

Take a look at this tutorial, mybe he’ll help you:



thats great! Thanks dude!