Textures in the GE

Correct me if I am wrong about this. With a regular texture mapped to a cylinder, it doesn’t matter if I select Flat, Cube, Tube, or Sphe on the Map Imput panel and run the game engine. The mapping will paint correctly on the cylinder ends but the sides are painted with the single edge pixel repeated along the cylinder length. If I render, the different mappings paint correctly.

The question is, is the game engine broken on regular textures or is this normal behavior. Second, does this mean I should use UV textures exclusivily? Is there a performance hit with exclusive use of UV textures? Or, is it better to use normal textures wherever possible and UV’s as required?

You should use UV mapping whenever the other methods dont give you what you want. Performance from UV mapping depends maily on the texture size (256X256 etc) and/or the amount of tiling.

I generally find it easier to use the UV mapping tools for everything except maybe terrain that im too lazy to map myself.

You can get the other options to work if you select the “use blender materials” option.

“Blender materials” is enabled by default in 2.42, isn’t it?

Yea, pretty much.

I tried ‘Use Blender Materials’ and it doesn’t work with or without. I thought it might just be broken in the current version.