textures in yafaray

ok so i started working with blender about a month ago and now i can’t figure out how to get the textures to show up when i render with yafray… any help appreciated
oh yeah is it yafray or yafaray?

Yafray development stopped in 2006, so it is Yafaray now, unless of course you are using Yafray…

What file format are your texture images? From the Yafaray documentation - “YafaRay supported formats are tga, jpeg, png, exr and hdr.”

It might be a good idea to read the rest of it before you go on, as some of Blender’s texture types are still unsupported:-

ok so in that case im using yafaray(its what it says in blender when i go to export it… im texturing using jpegs in blender and i set it to where it shows the textures in blender but when i try to use yafa ray all i get is a cube…

Use blender internal!
If you are new to 3d, I would stick with the internal render engine for a while.
IMO external renderers are confusing for beginners, as many of blenders features do not work in them, and I see many new artists turning to external engines because they are not happy with their results when they just need to learn lighting. (I also just love blender internal)

If you are determined to use yafaray you need to learn it from the ground up just like Blender, your materials need to be specifically created for the renderer you have chosen.
I would get involved in their forum as well.


Also check out Lux, I prefer it over yafaray.

Just my two cents…

If you don’t mind, pack the texture and post the .blend, I’ll take a look at it.

if it’s an image texture, and it works in blender internal, then it ought to work in yaf…