Textures inside out: How do I fix it?

For some reason some of my textures have decided to show on the inside of my mesh instead of the outside where they should be. Any idea how to fix this?

Chances are you just need to flip your normals.
In edit mode,

  • selected everything, Ctrl-N; or, if that doesn’t work
  • select offending face, Ctrl-F, 1

Alternatively in face select mode, you can got to Mesh Buttons (F9) -> Texture Face -> TwoSided, but try flipping the normals first.

None of that worked. :confused:

Can you attach you blend file? Without more details, I’m not sure what’s wrong.

Are you using SSS? If so, and the “Back” value is turned up, that would cause the texture of the back side to show through the front (translucency value affects this as well).
I’m just shooting in the dark, tho. Like Koryo said, without the blend it’s hard to tell.
Any number of things could probably go wrong.

bad uv-warp?

Its probably normals…try ctrl + shift + n
should work if ctrl + n didnt.