textures inside textures

Hi all:

I guess this is a very basic question. Is there a way to put a texture inside another? Something like in the sketch? Imaging you want to set a cloudy texture in a box, but just in the half top of the box. I can think of a mixture between the blend and cloud texture but dont know how to mix them. Some help???

Thanks in advance



Different ways to achieve this.
1.) UV Unwrap and draw the texture like that
2.) Use a Node material to mix the textures like you want to using a black&white mask for masking
3.) Use stencil and a mask to combine textures in the standard texture channels.

“Stencil” and a few image-based textures are probably the way to go here.

As you know, any mesh can have several materials associated with it, and each one can have several different textures contributing to it. One of them, “stencil,” is a simple way to blend two other textures: an image consisting of (say) black dots on a white surface provides the mask.

The same image, or a variation of it, could be used as (say…) a normal-map if you want to make the circles into dimples.

You could also define two materials for the object, and associate one of them with the dots and the other with the ground, but that would be difficult to make-sharp without using lots of polys.

There’s a “pair o’ dice” tutorial out there but it’s a bit cumbersome.