Textures look like crap!

When i open and put textures on a object in the game engine they look horrible! how can i fix this!

If the problem is ATI or certain video cards and i still make a game with good textures but they look horrible on my computer when i turn the game into a exe and give it to a friend with a graphic card that is supported to make those textures look better will the textures look better on his computer?

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Notice when saving textures in TGA format, to choose 24 or 32 bit, otherwise with 16 bit the colors looks awefull. When you save TGA on 32 bit and running a runtime.exe file with settings for 16 bit, it looks also horrible. So notice to publish runtimes with 24 or 32 bit to have a nice textures and colors. Also mitmap will cause blurred textures on a far distance, but this is also with todays game engines, but blender does this already from a close distance, while more proffesional engines use this at bigger distance. :-?

U could turn mip maps on then everything looks sharp and not blured!

simply put, this is completely wrong

mipmaps are a solution for when the texture is a lot smaller on the screen than the image itself is, for example when you are looking at a face at an oblique angle, or when the face itself is really far away. mipmapping has no improvement to the pallatized texture problem, but it will cause textures not to shimmer [and possibly appear less sharp, but that is a config issue] when they are scaled down on screen.

errrrrr my textures still look horrible and i tryed using a tga file with 32 bit and 32 bit selcected in the game engine and it still looks horrible!

did you read that thread Moonman linked to

either your drivers are too old [at the very least that applies to ati cards], or you GRAPHICS CARD SIMPLY DOESN’T DO TRUE COLOR TEXTURES [it converts to 8 bit]

Can be, try to make a screenshot, because on the computers here at my school, if I play a blender game, all the textures on the objects will croll over the mesh. It looks like if there is a python texture scrolling script added. :slight_smile:

That link did not help, i have a ati radeon 9000 and im not gonna buy a new graphics card to make the textures show up properly! If i make my game and all the texutres look crappy and i create it into a .exe and give it to a friend who has a card that is supported and should view the true coulours would it look good on his computer or would it still look horrible?


no What?
Would it look horrible or would it look good?

the textures will not be stored 8bit unless it is something you did

in which case it would probably be obvious [because they would look bad in the image window], and I’d hope you didn’t do that

so, if the card doesn’t pallatize [make 8bit] textures because it is good enough or configured not to do so, then it will not and things should look as they should

Problem FIXED!!!

All i had to do is right click on my desktop and go to properties then advanced then open gl and change from performace to quality!
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