Textures looking transparent/unaccurate on Mixamo, please help

Hello guys!
I am freakking out trying to understand what is happening with my character uploaded to Mixamo.
I tried adding img texture nodes, alpha to alpha, removing alpha, and manmy other tries, but nothing seems to be working.

Please, if someone knows or had happened something similar please tell me!

Well if you would have croped you char only and add a screenshot from blender into the image (to have just one; first time user) we could have seen something… And you discribition…you assume everbody is familiar with uploading to Mixamo? It seems to be that you have colors for different parts but there are no textures, but how should we know.
Anyway: Have you included them in the uploaded file to Mixamo (in what format)… did you tried exporting into a another folder, are the file path relativ (maybe even move original textures temporal elsewhere to check)… oh and now i see the arms… are you normals correct?

Have you applyed the scaleings or other transformations like rotation in Blender?

Mixamo will only support Textures that are plugged directly into the Principled node…
If it goes through another node it will fail…this goes for Mix RGB, Normals, Bump, Transparency, etc, etc… So check this first…
It works Best if all textures are combined into a single image texture> Diffuse, Metallic, Roughness, etc.

You Might need to Bake out a New COMBINED texture for a single image plugged into a Principled.
Also, like @Okidoki said…we need to see what the Blender side is like…so we can compare and show the Node Tree so we can diagnose the problems…

check your normals. In the top right of your viewport there is a dropdown that looks like 2 spheres overlapping with martching ants where they intersect, that is your viewport overlays, click that and select face orientation, then select all your meshes, just the meshes, tab into edit mode, and select all the faces and press shift+n. This will recalculate the normals. Anything blue is the “front” if you see it red, then it will appear transparent in most OGL viewers. I think Mixamo uses webgl so this is a problem you could have. if anything is still red, go one by one on the meshes that are inverted and hover over them, click L on the keyboard to sellect all connected parts, and do shift+n again. If it will not flip then in the lower left after recalculating the normals you will see a panel for recalculating normals, it may start minimized, pop that open and select “inside.” so it manually flips the normal.

Give that a try and see if that works. I would bet the whole front of your character is red.

Ugh, I am sorry, such a Noob. Thanks for the replies, and here is the main file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QyBlnPOg4Ks7WaMQeQi8l5IGlwgNQJr_?usp=sharing
Thanks blender community

ok I didnt test it to see if it was broken on my end the way it was, but either way I did a few things and it worked. I didn’t actually see any reverse faces but that famouly can cause this and it hurts nothing to try it anyway so what I did was, select all objects, tab into edit mode, shift+n (this will fix any normals out of place), tab out of edit mode, select all, ctrl+a>apply all transforms (unfrozen transformations has a long history of breaking things). If you are still haveing problems, give that a shot, see if that clears up your issues. Also, when you export be sure to select all your meshes and export as FBX with selected objects and active selection selected.

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