Textures looks whiter

so i just got this free mdoel from sketchfab and the texutres on my side looks whiter here’s the pics
this is on my side :

any solutions please ?
note : i’m new on blender

what colourspace are you using srgb is fine!

check here

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it’s on srgb

sees the texture also in the preview or in another app
affinity Phpotoshop … look so bright?
can you share the texture or the blendfile

if you assign the texture to another object with a new material it will still be as bright as before?!

or show more from the shader .

i didn’t try applying the texture to any other model but i’ll try iit on a cube
second thing nope … the textires doesn’t look bright
here is it

i applied the same texture on a cube and it wasn’t white

so the cube was better/normal

do u recommend giving u the file of this object ? i mean blender file

would be better for error search,
if you don’t mind,
was it free or did you pay for it,
otherwise take a screenshot of the whole shader tree
and if the geo still has vertexgroups

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actually thank u so much lol
i have no idea how but after i added the cube and set the texture to it
then i deleted the cube
and i went to material and i found this

i set the material to materil002 and everything was fine
i have no clue how did that happen but yeah

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