Textures lost from old files when viewed with new Blender version

I’ve just installed Blender v2.83.1, having previously been using v2.77 (I realise that’s a big jump). My files constructed with the old version seem to have lost their textures. Rigging seems to be in place, and some aspects of materials, but no textures. Might this be a matter of configuration? Or is there a known workaround? Or do I have to redeclare them?

lot’s of differences
rigging not certain it is compatible anymore

nodes set up have change a lot and might have to correct these nodes set up too!

like mapping nodes is totally change so have to be corrected manually
for a few others nodes like noise texture

from 2.77 to 2.83 i guess more difficult
there was so many changes !

happy bl

Does File/External Data/Find Missing Files not help?

Thanks for the help. Find Missing Files and other fiddling about revealed that the textures are still referenced from the models, but the information as to how to use them within the materials is lost. In v2.77, I was using “Blender render” and Material mode: “GLSC”. It looks like both those have been superseded. I’d like to work as closely to that as possible. So far I’ve found I get something similar if I click “Use Nodes”, leave the Surface setting at “Principled BSDF”, and fill out “Base Color” and “Normal” to reference my color and normal map textures. Doesn’t look quite the same: a lot more ambient light makes it look washed out, but it’s close. Possibly, I’ll still get the same results when I export to FBX which I’d guess is most important.

I’m starting to get the hang of driving the latest Blender: love the Shader tab that allows me to plug units together (possibly always been there just not so prominent).

But now what’s the best way to bake textures? Eevee seems not to support it. Cycles on the other hand is way too clever, providing effects I have no need for, and in being so clever produces firefly artifacts unless I ramp up samples so much that renders take ages. Is there an alternative simple renderer that’s good for very simple baking tasks?