textures Making them

Is there any wear i can download textures or do i make them myself

there are more than one type of texture, and you can do either. if you want a general texture for a material, use procedural textures. to learn about procedurals, and textures in general, check the online documentaion. for more accurate application of image textures, use UV mapping. there’s also docs on that, and a tut in my signature.


You can always pay for them at places like TurboSquid.

Google is your friend. You will usually have to play with what you find a bit.

The best method (methinks, at least) is to use your camera and/or paint program and make your own stuff.

(Now I’m no good at making textures, but I’m still a newbie so give me time…) Occasionally here in the forum someone gives out great textures too.

cool i use the Gimp a lot an could use that (i was hoping for an easy way out

can they be any format (jpeg or somthing)

and do i put shading in them

btw sorry for the noob Questions

Resources from the Blender site:


yup i was just there


this one has loads i downloaded it but i cant use them i had a read through the instructions but i cant use them