Textures needed (for "The Texture Pack" v2)

You may know me and you may not! I am starting to scavage textures for a new version of “The Texture Pack”, which is free to download from my site (http://www.n3x-studios.com/register_dl.php). I already know of a few sites that I am gonna get some from (rights/permissions are in the works), and I am coming to you guys to see if you have any personal textures (created by you) to contribute to the pack. All textures should be posted here or emailed to me personally.

I really don’t know if I am allowed to post this or not, but here’s my email:
[email protected]

Please note that in sending me your textures, that you give me the right to display them how I please (in a website, pack, etc…) and they shall not be sold for any value. All persons that contribute will get credit in the liscense.

For those of you who know me, the textures are still going strong, over 170 ppl have successfully registered and downloaded the texture pack, we have also collected close to $20 in donations/clicks so far. Thanks guys :smiley:

The site is still up and the textures are still ready to download:

I can’t wait to see the contributions :smiley: