Textures normals I just don't know.

Textures normals I just don’t know.

I had modded a 3D .x file to work in a game no problems working fine.

Now the game has been patched and my old files only half work, I think what has happened since the patch is that the game now is taking in to account the way the texture faces (I think this has something to do with the normals)

Anyhow this was my solution for one file and it seemed to work.

My question: Is there a method for just picking out normals that are facing one way and flipping them so that everything is facing the right way. Or a method of rendering a file that has mixed up normals with you first import into Blender then when you export it everything is aligned correctly.

Apologise for the likely possibility that I am using the wrong terminology.


Most games will not display faces whose normals are pointed away from the camera back face culling) to save loads of rendering time. So if your model is displaying with strange holes in it and stuff, I’d say you were right and it’s the normals.

There is an extremely easy way of doing what you want which works 99% of the time, assuming you have manifold geometry and so forth. Select all your faces, then go mesh>normals>recalculate outside.

EDIT: What is the game btw? I’m intrigued as to what modern game (possibly that’s an incorrect assumption, but just because you said it’s just been patched) would have only just introduced the hugely conventional technique of back face culling?

Thanks for that it was the normals.

I came across what you mentioned but it did not turn out to be as straight forward as you suggested, I guess I had so many faces mixed up it caused a few problems. Anyhow I learned a few new things.

The game is EU3 by Paradox a strategy game,not known for their ground breaking graphics good game though if your a megalomaniac.:evilgrin: They normally use 2D maps, EU3 was the first time they went 3D so I think they are perfecting this aspect of the game as they go.