Textures not changing

Hi all,

I’ve run into a really frustrating issue trying to UV Unwrap some objects to texture them the way I’d like in Cycles. I wouldn’t doubt that I’m just missing something stupid, and please excuse any incorrect terminology, but here’s what I’m seeing:

I have an object, and I go into Edit Mode and Mark Seams. I added a Material, changed the Color option to an Image Texture, and chose the image I wanted to use.

I selected one of the areas bounded by Marked Seams and hit U -> Unwrap, which gave me the proper shape in the UV/Image Editor. I also now see the textured area in Render View on the object itself. So far, so good.

However, in the UV/Image Editor, if I take the selected area and move, resize, rotate, etc., it doesn’t change anything in the Render view. It seems like when I first hit Unwrap, it chooses which part of the image texture to apply where, and then that’s that - I can’t seem to change it at all.

Has anyone run into this kind of issue before? Any ideas?

Are you still in Edit Mode ? The render view will only update when you change back to Object Mode

Huh. I could have sworn that had worked for me before, but obviously not. Well, I thought it might be something silly like that.

Thanks for the response - you saved me from a frustrating morning!