Textures not rendering depth

I think I have these nodes set up correctly but, on my doors especially, it looks like they’re not really picking up the texturing that I would expect from them after the sample produced by CrazyBump, and I seem to be getting some weird reflectivity, again, primarily on the doors.

Any help would be appreciated, as would suggestions on how to improve this. Once again, I think I have this packed correctly with all of the relevant textures, but if not, please let me know.


New Asylum.blend (1 MB)

seeing as you did NOT include that black and white ( gray scale) sort of “bump map” from crasy bump
– you really need to do multi or stereo view depth maps or multi view “shape from shading” to make a depth map for rendering

there is nothing i can do

but you are using the COLOR data of a GRAY scale image in the node
– that will not work

You haven’t UV unwrapped the doors. Without that, image bump maps won’t work.

It looks like I am using the correct files to me… Which do I have in the wrong spot?

That’s my node configuration, and these are the files that CB generated:

(more following)

the previous two were color and displacement. Then Normal:


And Specular:[ATTACH=CONFIG]498852[/ATTACH]

They were unwrapped in the original blend file that I built them in, then imported to the new project. Do they need to be re–unwrapped? I did a quick unwrap as a test, but it made no difference

The unwrap still has the weird reflections:

you need to give the shader the correct vector.do to so,use the texture coordinate node (found in the input folder) and connect the UV vector output (from the texture coordinate node) to each of your imagetexture vector inputs.

Like this (I am guessing, based on the labels, but perhaps things are connected incorrectly)? I didn’t think you had to use the texture coordinates after UV unwrapping a texture.

all into the UV output.because you have unwraped your modell,the shader needs the unwraped coordinates and you getting the coordinates from the UV output.you can use generated or object outputs too,but this outputs uses different vector methods,thats for another topic.for unwraped models use the UV output into the vector inputs.

here one of many explainations ,the unwrap video is maybe helpful to for understand coordinates



I applied the vector and the reflections went away, but it’s still lacking depth. I will have to play with it more later, as well as check out your links.