Textures not rendering

(DKCO) #1

I’m having a *funny problem (*where ‘funny’ = ‘annoying as hell’). I’ve started texturing my model, and I’ve loaded the image into blender. In my front/side/top views, I can see the textures on the model in Object Mode, but when I press F12 the object renders in default grey, not in my nice new Photoshopped texture. Any ideas why that is happening?


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(Arowe) #2

is your texture applied by UV mapping? If so, then you still have to give your object a material and then press the “texFace” button under the Material buttons for it to show up.

If that’s not the case then I don’t know what could be wrong.

(DKCO) #3

Yeah, I used a UV Map. I’ll give that a try.


(DKCO) #4

Yep, that worked just fine. Thanks for the input.


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(thelonesoldier) #5

Slightly related problem… why would image textures not show up when rendered with Yafray?

(lococobra) #6

I bet its a BMP image…? right? well anyways, its gotta be JPG, TGA, or, PNG for yafray I believe. (I reccomend PNG for its alpha channel :D)

(thelonesoldier) #7

BMP? Pfft. I was using a PSD. Thanks, I didn’t think at all about my filetype.

(lococobra) #8

Hey, no problem man… just a few days ago I had to ask the same question.

(thelonesoldier) #9

A quick note, Yafray does not support PNGs.

At least, they don’t show up, and that’s the information I found after digging through some forums. I can’t find any good official documentation on the program, the website is a mess.