Textures not showing up in render

Hello, this is another one of my Blender problems.
The textures don’t show up in render, but the colors show.
Heres an example:

This is how it’s supposed to look:

Any help would be great!

It could be a problem with the texture mapping. What material setup and rendering engine are you using? Depending on where the model came from, the materials may not be set up correctly.

I am using Cycles. Where do you find the material setup? I am a Blender noob.

Those two pictures tell us nothing about the issue, so we need to see how your materials are setup before we can advice you on anything. Since you are new to blender, I’ll have to explain the interface a bit. Its not one interface, but a series of editors held together in a frameset. There are buttons in the top left of each frame that let you switch to the different editor types.

I’ll need you to drag the border between the timeline and 3d view up to make its frame larger, follow the steps as shown in the following gif, and attach a full screenshot of your interface in your next post (take note of everything highlighted in red. Make sure those are selected):

Steps for 2.79b

Steps for 2.8

My guess is that the model was meant to be used with blender internal, and you simply switched it to use cycles without adjusting the materials. I can’t say anything for sure without seeing the material setup though.

I apologize for lack of information. It was pretty late at night when I posted this thread, and I was tired. Anyways, here is my screen.

I meant that I wanted you to follow those steps with the project you had trouble with before. I need to see the node setup for the materials on that model.

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Here. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Yes, it seems this was a blender internal model, cycles and eevee don’t know how to use it’s shader info, thats why those nodes say “undefined”. First delete those red nodes, then add an output node (shift + A, Output, Material Output).

Next add a Principled BSDF node (shift + A, Shader, Principled BSDF), and drag the green dot on the right side of the node to the green dot on the output node that is labeled “surface”. To add a texture to the material you press shift + A, texture, image texture. If its named something like diffuse or albedo, then drag the yellow dot to the yellow “base color” dot on the principled node. If its named bump, set that texture to non-color data, connect its color output to the height input of a bump node (shift + A, vector, bump), and connect the output of that to the normal input of the principled node.

Now I don’t know what textures came with it, but it should be easy to set those all up by connecting them to the proper sockets on the Principled BSDF node. You might have to repeat this process for each of the material listed in the properties editor (freddy1Large, fredd2Large, freddyNose).

If it still doesn’t work after that, then just upload the blend file with all the textures packed inside (FIle, External Data, Pack all into blend) to http://pasteall.org/blend/ and I’ll just fix it for you. I probably should have asked you to do that from the start, but I thought I’d try to explain things through text.

Hey, i’m gonna need some more information on this. Where do you know if it’s called diffuse, albedo or bump? Also, I need some more info on the 3rd paragraph.

Well I don’t know what texture files came with the model, so I can’t give exact advice about that. Normally the textures that have the colors for your model have filenames with the word “albedo” or “diffuse”, but I don’t know what textures came with your model, so I can’t say exactly which texture you should place in the base color socket of the principled bsdf node.

Really, just pack the textures into the blend file (File, External Data, Pack all into blend), upload it to pasteall.org and post the link to the blend here. It’s easier if i just manually fix it for you. I should have just said that from the start.

Oh, okay. I will now use pasteall.org
EDIT: Sorry if you are getting impatient with me.
Here is the link. http://pasteall.org/blend/index.php?id=51971

This should work for you: fredbearplush cycles fix.blend (4.8 MB)

Here is a tutorial on cycles nodes that should help you in the future as well: