Textures on GLSL?

Real quick help I need here, how can I make textures work on GLSL during Game Engine or Game Play?

I apply textures but they do not render at all.

I don 't have much experience with the glsl in BGE, but I will ask do you have the textures set to UV and actually saved and in your materials? Are you using Image textures set to UV , or are you trying to see procedurals?

yes, GLSL display only the materials and the textures assigned to those materials.

So if you have no materials but only assigned the texture through the UV/Image Editor (something that works on Multitexture/Single Texture), GLSL will not display it.

Im using the traditional Multitexture method but I see the problem i mostly used the simple Multitexture method but ever since my switch to GLSL i always wondered why this was happening i will try what Sancuary has stated but looks like i have some experimenting to do now.