Textures packed but not visible

Hi! I’m wondering why in this file for example:

Plane’s textures are into the .blend (1.5MB, you can see the miniatures of the textures), but it seems that there are not “packed” (I’m almost sure that I’ve clicked the “pack button”… But it didn’t worked as expected)?

Thank you!

Missing textures

File / External Data, pack all into .blend. It will tell you if there are any files that cannot be packed
Save your blend file

Hi! Thanks for your answer (with images). I knew that buttons. But I found the answer:



  • Files saved in 2.74 subversion 3 or newer, when opened in 2.74 subversion 2 or older will lose their packed images.

Textures were packed but with a 2.74.5 Blender release. When I tried to open it with 2.73 it didn’t work.