textures (perhaps for cash)

hey guys, for my new job i am modelling like crazy.

however i am pretty shit at texturing, and i really don’t have time to get awsome fast.

i am hoping that someone can point me to current texture .blend files.or even make textures for me (procedural would be best).

with things like glass, wood (of varieties), rusty metal, dull metal, shiney metal, fabric, painted metal, worn vehicle tyres, new vehicle tyres, water…

lighting would also be cool (X-W please send me your light setup LOL)

i have cash to pay for things i need (expenditure kinda money) so if there are no public blend files for things like this, then i would be prepared to pay someone some money to have a blend file with about 50 or so (usefull) textures in it that use procdurals. multiple layers of texturing would kinda be expected for much of it.

stuff i can tweek a tiny bit with colours or what have we, to get the effect i want.


i could give you the textures im going to make for a blenderbattle (see the challenge board for that).

and here is a deal: if you keep hosting my gallery pictures ill make some textures you want.

sure no worries. :stuck_out_tongue:

can you have some by the next two days.

Wood (long and end grain on a plank)
worn tyres for a truck (not to worn but a wee bit)
metal (dullish, not to dirty, not really reflective although a few patches might be. steel prbably
cushion (fasbric)
petrol tanks (like the big oil refinerys have
rusty metal (medium rust, like tiny patches of it)
rusty metal (lots of rust)
muddy metal

he he he thats kinda a bit. anyone want to give them a go i would be very keen on having them.

imagine i have to make lots of things like my post appocalyptic tank, by lots i mean LOTS arrgggg LOL.


oh and they need to be appliable to large areas without looking strange :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:


well this has helped me out just about everywhere:
and I have a 1,6 mb wood texture pack with 50 textures, all around 300x300 in size, not that useful probably though.

no sorry i am not interested in IMAGE textures. i have millions on my PC and they are very very limited in application.

2d things like walls and floors, yeah they are alright. however i find them annoying for things in 3d.

but thanks anyway


then learn uv texturing :stuck_out_tongue: . first start with simple objects and then make them complicated.


Have you looked here:


or here:



yeah UV texturing would solve a lot of problems. LOL

however my time restraints mean that it would not be a possibility. Uv texturing can take as long as modelling takes, and for “concept art” it is not feesable (perhaps if i were doing the final CG work for the tv series LOL)

BgDM yeah that car thing is just what i am wanting. (but not for cars only LOL)

i think i remember someone who did a whole pile of things like Ice, and stuff but did he release his shaders, or only have a rendered image of it.

i would be keen to release all the textures i have collected after a wee while on this job as a texture pack for free.

just need a good range of different textures. :smiley:


This is where integration with the Renderman shading standard would help. There are thousands of RMan shaders on the web that would do just what you need. If you get blenderman and aqsis to work, you would get nice renders and limitless material capabilities. This is probably harder to learn than the UV mapping though.

I know where you’re coming from with the UV stuff but I think the LSCM stuff really helps. You just draw seams and map with LSCM. The seams are positioned so that they make the model unwrap how you want.

Just start with something simple like an 8x8 UVsphere added in front view. Have a UVeditor panel open. Go into UV face select mode and select all the faces on the sphere and do some mappings using the u-key other than LSCM. Notice how they are hard to get uniform. Now go into editmode and front view and select the middle row of vertices and do ctr-e->mark seam. Now go to UVselect mode and do LSCM. Notice how uniform the mapping is now? You can also draw a vertical seam on the sphere and it’s uniform.

For a truck, you just draw these seams at logical points on the surface so it unwraps nicely.

Still, I would personally go with procedurals for most things but if you need images, use the above method.

LSCM is pretty easy once you know what it is and how to draw seams at the correct locations, seams are really useful when wanting to UV texture a closed object like a sphere for it splits it open.

I’ve talked to people who do a lot of the rendered CG movies n games and they all like this one: