Textures rendering black, help please!

I imported an .fbx model, had blender find and apply the textures, but my problem is everything renders black. Looking at the nodes, everything is where it should be but still the model renders black. Any thoughts?

Maybe a stupid question but is there a light on your scene ?

yes, there are lights

post some screenshots, especially of the outliner, and shader nodes. or post the blend.

I had the same problem because the normals were pointing inside the model. Make them point outside and see if that helps.

I can’t post the blend since I paid for the model (fbx). Here is a shot of the nodes.

Your object, being 100% metallic, only reflects its dark environment. That’s why it renders black, no matter the texture you put on it.

Sadly, that is not the answer either. Thanks everyone who gave it a shot!