Textures See-Through in Game???

I am experiencing a problem:mad:… I’ll start by posting two pictures, the first not ingame, the second being ingame:

As you can see, when I am ingame, the teepee skin is totally see-through. What can I do?

a couple possible reasons:

  1. one of the object has ztransp enabled, which often messes up sorting
  2. the sticks have high z-offset in material
  3. teepee normals are inverted

No, the whole teepee is one model, and they don’t have a material assigned to them.

Also, this situation is only with the purple one… the other three teepees look fine. If I delete the purple teepee, copy one of the other teepees, and replace it’s texture with the purple texture, however, the problem returns. I’m going to try to redo the texture to see what happens if this problem doesn’t get fixed.