Textures stretching

I am modelling a starship for fun, but my plating texture is stretching at certain extruded areas. I have tried a smart UV project, but that’s not working, nor is cube projection.

The texture in the shader editor:

I was unable to attach the actual file so you could edit that, sorry.

Thanks in advance

This is the ship

Why do you use the object coordinates? If you have an UV Map you should use it as your texture coordinates.

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It’s so the texture repeats across the object rather than being just one large image pasted across the whole thing

The object vector of the texture coordinate node gives you the coordinates of the pixel relative to the object origin. If you extrude only in the z direction of your object only the z part of the texture coordinate will change. But your texture is only 2d so the pixel are all the same on this extrusion, therefore it looks stretched.
You said you tried some different UV-maps. In order to tell the material to use the uv map you have to use the uv coordinates. When your texture seems to big, just use the mapping node to scale the texture.

You can adjust the uv map itself in the uv editor.

oooooohhh, okay, thanks! I’ll try that

Just changed it, it worked perfectly! Thanks alot