Textures suddenly turned pink

This is the second time this has happened. Using 2.49. I was altering a terrain mesh using the sculpt tool and it stopped responding normally. It didn’t want to move any vertexes and then when it did, it moved in the wrong spot. Then the terrain turned pink. The normal tex still shows in the tex preview though. ANy ideas what would cause this.

sculpt can mess up your UVs. it sounds as though yours reset, and are no longer joined with an image in the UV editor.

That makes sense, kind of. So is this a common problem?

I don’t think it is reccomended to sculpt after setting UVs generally. It might have improved in 2.5 though. what version are you using?
(edit) ah, 2.49. so, try 2.5. sculpting tools have been improved too.

Use the “material utils” addon… then choose “mat to texface” to put your image textures on the faces in teh uv editor…

Also,“texture paint layers” will assign texture layers to teh mesh when you make them active in paint mode…