Textures - Thatched Roofing

Hey, I needed some decent thatched roofing textures for a game I’m working on, couldn’t find much online so I decided to make my own. It’s basically two different textures, you can use them for things like hay bales as well. I kept all the textures for my game really small and tried to get a lot out of them. Don’t forget you can vertex paint it if you want it to be a little more grey-ish, or gold-ish.

This one is for covering the main part of the roofing:

Set the faces that have this texture to clip alpha, no collision, and twosided for a good effect.

Here is an example:

If you do use these textures and want more, I’d love to see a screenshot.

very usefull, i like it.

But mb u have a 512x resolution?

greet Equal

Looks great! What game you working on? :stuck_out_tongue: