Textures "undeletable"

Hi guys, I’ve a problem with one of my files. There are 3 textures that are “undeletable” at all.
They are not saved even without a material, and no material and other textures are in the scene.
Here it is a screenshot of the diagrams in the outliner where you can see strange names also automatically given to that textures, something like TETex…

What’s wrong?

Blender holds on to textures, material, hell everything as long as it is open. Oddly enough, there is not a delete item in the Blender API. There is only unlink.

Simply save your file, exit Blender and relauch your file and anything that was not connected will be removed. There are some override features in Blender so if you want to save an unconnected node item, you can click the button to save material even though it is not being used.

Thanks but yes I know that strange “behaviour” in Blender.
So my problem is: I close Blender and reopen it but the textures are still there. I didn’t save their datablock so they haven’t any reason to exist anymore but, well, they are still there.

Another strange behaviour is Blender rename those textures in a unusual way: they was TE:Tex.001 becoming TETex.001 without “:”

I think the file is corrupted.