textures w/Yafray & still life

hey all
first post to a cg site…
first one was started a few days ago, on and off between school and work, just an exercise in texturing
second one was made a while ago, back when Ambient Occlusion first got put in Blender
comments/critiques most welcome




btw, the image code doesnt seem to be working…

I expect it’s the parenthesis that screws the links.

Did a copy+paste. They look great. Especially the apples one.

For the coke can, Id suggest showing the top part with all the details to really sell it. And the texture looks very painted if you are going for realism. Perhaps use elements from real cans? Also, it’s a little bare for a realistic scene. Add details.

If you replace ( with
and ) with
%29 the links will work here:

Adjusted the image links. Maybe you can copy/paste these into your first post, StompinTom:


Nice images by the way!


Indeeed, nice work.

The apples seem a little over lit to me and very bright.

And with a nic like StompinTom, I am guessing you are a fellow Canuck? Welcome.


Seems like the grafitti on the wall would be much larger in relation to the size of a coke can. Who paints grafitti that small?


The coke can is huge.

yeah the graffiti on the wall is definitely too small and improperly placed :-?
this isnt anything terribly complicated, i was just trying to get the look, not really paying any attention to scale…

and yes i am canadian :slight_smile:

good start, 'eh! :smiley: