textures warp off body???

hey guys :slight_smile:
Apologies for this, i am very new to blender, and yep prob trying to run before i can walk, slowly getting through the tutorials which are fantastic btw, but i have come unstuck in my project.

Got an FBX model there which i downloaded from mixamo, now it was all going well and i don’t know if i have turned something on by mistake, but when i imported another FBX model or moved the light, camera, my main characters skin just started warping all over the place?

Sorry as this is the best way i can describe the situation, i will try and include a screen shot or video.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

is it because i am not selecting the whole object please?

anyone help please?

ok could it be because i accidentally hit O (proportional edit object mode)? As after hours of turning stuff off and on i figured it out but now want to double check thats the case.
By having this option on and moving an object will this cause it to ‘warp’ like all the skin/textures bend off the character please?