Textures warped when scaling objects non-uniformly

Hey everyone,

Is there a way to create a texture that retains its look when I don’t scale the object uniformly? Currently I always have to manually calculate how much I scaled on the respective axis and then change the scale on the mapping node (which is very tedious).

Apply object transforms- Ctrl A, All Tranforms- it does all of this work for you :wink:


Geometry Node > Position and Texture Coordinate Node > Object (with object to define location of texture) will do this.


Thanks for your help guys! This is saving me so much time :slight_smile:

@a59303 Would this also work with a more complicated setup like this? I just stumbled over the Adobe substance library but can’t get it to work because it needs a UV input.

I think in this case its advisable to unwrap after you have completed the modeling, scaling, adjustment of the mesh. In answer to your question specifically I think that input is labeled UV but its just a vector input and you could use that technique, but its designed to be used with UV’s. I’ve never used the substance library.



Also @a59303 is correct, you can put any coordinates into that Vector input, including the setup they showed earlier

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Thanks guys for clarifying. Still somehow I can’t get it to work. The sides of the cube are always super stretched. Only the top and the bottom looks normal. What am I doing wrong?

With the checker texture from the original example it works great though:

Can we have a look inside that node (adobe), select and press tab.

EDIT: I should reiterate that It was designed for UV’s.

Yes sure, I hope this is correct

I also tested different built in textures, the trick works for the noise, musgrave, voronoi and checker texture and doesn’t work for the brick and wave texture.

The image vector input seems to work here. If you want to wrap it around you should choose Box under the drop-down that says Flat in the Image Texture Node. With UV mapping this would be better though. As far as the other textures I think that is because they are 2D like the image and you need something called Triplanar Mapping to get it on all faces, essentially to mimic what is labeled Box in the image texture node… Maybe Box Mapping.

What are you trying to do?