Textures with Nor settings in Yafray

Back when I got Blender for the first time, Yafray was very sloppy for rendering textured objects. I took a long break, and now that I came back I see more and more people using the Yafray renderer more, and the renders are looking much, much better because of updated features (and users getting the hang of it).

Due to the number of posts in the forums, the Search Engine is losing its effectiveness, so I’m forced to ask everyone instead of searching for the answer:

Can I do this with Yafray?

All it is is a texture mapped to the normal. I have tried a couple of things, but seemingly it will take more than toying with the map input settings. If it’s not supported yet, I’ll just have to wait.

This dosent look like any complex texture!!

You can get it with using some of the new procedural textures or cloud texture with bump mapping. Or you can use jpg or TGA as textures.

Yafray support is far better for an average user right now, yep there are occasional crashes, it will be much better with upcoming .08 version.


Can it be done?

I need this answer too. Blender’s built-n textures don’t seem to work. Such as STUCCI. The mesh looks smooth-purple in Yafray.

Yup easily. Yafray now supports some procedural textures including clouds which this one seems to be. Just add a cloud texture and tweak it, hit Nor in Map To, turn off col, render in yafray.

Edit: Just tried Stucci, works too.

Thanks! It works with CLOUDS, but not with STUCCI.

You can have a stucci texture with “raytraced” reflections using blender’s internal renderer by pressing the “ray” button in the render buttons (f10) and choosing “ray mirror” in the material for your reflective object. This way you can have all blender textures and still get raytraced reflections and transparencies.

You can even have a reflective surface with a stucci texture mapped to nor. That would look kinda like water or a bumpy mirror :slight_smile: