textures won't display in any modes

Hi all^^

I’m into the learning of Blender since a year and i’m working hard to learn and practice since the few latest months, like… 12h a day and more xD

I tried to make textures from scratch… and well, i’ll list all that i did to prepare my model.
first… I separated model regions
(i’d like to learn how to select by region and to name region, even, color edges and faces from region… needed for later editing with weight painting [an in-topic that is off-topic])
and marked seam edges to project on uv mapping’s viewport correctly… I load a random image… Rocks for the instance (on a human mesh… really random but it’s for the sake of making it work)

I used to be able to display a texture on “texture mode” view mode… But it didn’t render in rendered mode… :x And now i can’t even make it there and that’s where i need help.

I really hardly can figure out how to correctly set up blender’s many config spots to make it… and i’m far from advanced texturing like glsl and stuff… And well… I guess it’s normal but annoying, when i go to object mode, the edit mode’s selection is offline* so it’s not displayed on uv editing’s viewport either at this time but if i’m in edit mode, i view the model with all edges displayed and it is embarassing xD So i’m never sure where the “focus” of the software is set at… (focus is like when a windows’s window is selected, the focus is set on the window… or when you select elements on a website like links, the focus is set on links… well…)

I tried to set a material, a texture, i tried to modify “render” options, played around in the … hmm… “3dview”'s right toolbar which starts by “transform”… its display and shading options…

I watched a lot of tutorials but i can’t figure out why it don’t happen “like on TV” when i do it home :x haha… My video card is a nvidia gtx660 and my processor is an intel i7 with multithreading and 4 doublecores in one :stuck_out_tongue: parameters’s settings are set to display using the cuda drivers… I heard there were stuff being developed to use nvidia drivers differantly? a “3rd” mode that wasn’t yet stable?

I need to make a model that is compatible with most gaming engines and that respects a certain standard, i guess…

So… briefly, textures that are uv-mapped won’t display on model in
any render mode… either with blender or cycles render… And blender render doesn’t display both sides of models… and well, i want to make double-side textures with nodes

I also have problems with “texture paint” mode… it just paints nothing at all, in any display mode, with either both render mode… :x Oh… But vertex paint works but only in blender-mode, not cycles… And i still have those not-double-sided-materials… :x

Thanx for help ^^

Hmm… also… i tried to migrate from 1.69 to 1.71 but the model that i work on loads with full of wrong faces… eheh ^^

(i sent a copy of the inquiry on blender’s stack-xchange http://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/16355/noob-v2-69-textures-from-scratch-nodes-wont-display-in-any-render-mode-eit )

Nevermind, it’s resolved ^^ i had to make sure there was only one material on the object… And there were two! Now it’s displaying fine! :-3 how can i delete thread?

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