Textures won't load...?

Hello there,

In the past few months I’ve been working on some rather low-end objects for a game I enjoy playing. I already know how to successfully export the object from Blender and get the object to show in-game. I’ve done that multiple times.

The problem I’m having is with the textures of my faces. About 2 weeks ago I finished some work on these objects and then had my system reformatted. Naturally I did not want to lose my work so I saved a backup copy to a network drive. After my computer returned and I successfully updated it and installed all my applications I retrieved my files from the network drive and attempted to open them with Blender.

The file opened fine. The textures, though, didn’t. Everything I’ve tried (re-saving the textures, taking a screen shot of the textures and saving that, re-naming the file-name of the blender file, re-naming the shapes inside blender, moving the files to other directories) has failed so far. All I get is a pink texture on top of my objects. Any ideas as to how to fix this problem?

If you need access to some screen shots of the objects or the actual files themselves, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried simply reloading the textures in blender. (and I mean actually browsing to them and loading them not hitting reload.) Sometimes blender can get really screwed up if you move a texture to a different path.
I recommend packing them in the .blend next time :wink:

Yes. That’s the only way I load my textures in Blender. Hitting, “Open,” instead of, “Replace.”

Well, I talked to a friend of mine about the issue and he recalled that Blender required QuickTime to view bitmaps in indexed color palette format (256 color). After installing QuickTime on my Windows 2000, I opened blender and attempted to place one of the textures onto the face of my object.

It worked!

Problem Resolved.

I have also noted that Blender has a path length limit for texture filenames. If your file path is too long, Blender will fail to load the image.

Too bad it does not spit out a warning message instead of the message “Can’t Load Image”.

Thanks for the notice, I’ll keep that in mind. Some of my file names are quite long to prevent conflicts with in-game textures. So this definitely helps.