Textures wont map properly?

Hello all, first off i’ve been using blender for 2 weeks now using cycles exclusively because BI has always left me pulling my hair out. But with cycles, not a problem doing anything. Now, im in BI again trying to texture a head that i have sculpted.

I first marked the seams, unwrapped to the UV editor, positioned sections of mesh to have a bit of breathing room. I export my UV map, open in photoshop and create my texture using the mesh as a guide, save file. I go back to blender, add a material, go to texture, open up my texture and make sure influence is set to colour and set coordinates to UV. The texture appears to be mapped correctly looking in edit mode, yet when i render it seems like blender has taken the colours from the texture and created a kind of noise pattern, its like multi-coloured sand or something. When i use “generated” coordinates the mapping is off as expected but the image remains ‘intact’, but ‘UV’ just looks like speckles, any ideas?

I would do this in Cycles but i want some hair on this model, but BI just kills me sometimes ahhhhh!



Ok, mods please delete, it was the decimate mod i was running, im sorry, i wish i had realized this 4 hours ago :